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Update 2024

This site is no longer current and is not being updated. Since 2016, happily, the number of online sources of knowledge about Australian Indigenous languages exploded in number and diversity of sources, especially from Indigenous organisations and individuals. As a result, it became impossible to keep ALoA up to date. It is no longer a key resource.

As the main web portal for Australian Aboriginal languages on the web (part of Tim Berners-Lee’s official W3C Virtual Library (now defunct at https://www.vlib.org/ - see its history) this site provided summaries, guidance and links to quality resources on Aboriginal languages, especially those produced from communities and by community members. It was listed in most of the major international libraries and other institutions as a key site for Australian languages, and attracted over 500,000 hits a year.

Approximately half of the linked sites still exist and the site’s back-end database remains valuable because it contains data which tracks 20 years of the emergence, expansion and changes in the online presence of Australian First Nations languages from the birth of the web.


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Noongar [nys]
The school hosts the "Noongar Language and Djidi Marlak Cultural Program" where all classes from K to 6 take Noongar language and cultural lessons. Language teachers have developed songs, games, books and teaching resources specific to the local area. Staff also take Noongar lessons and the language is integrated into other learning areas.
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Source: RNLD
A list of some mobile apps for Indigenous languages, including Anindilyakwa, Gamilaraay, Iwaidja, Nyoongar, Yawuru, and Yugambeh. Most are basic wordlists.
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Source: South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council
This site contains a wealth of language and cultural materials and references to Noongar resources. Its language page links to a a wordlist, a full Noongar Dictionary by Rose Whitehurst, and an audio Welcome to Country performance.
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Source: Noongar Boodjar Waangkiny / Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education
The Language Centre aims to act as a peak body for Noongar language and dialects, develop language learning resources for all Noongar clan groups, to record, document and publish Noongar traditional stories, and more. The website contains information about Noongar dialects, has a Welcome to Country text, and offers books for sale.
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Source: YouTube: jo76nyoongar
... ‘Critically endangered language; less than 5 fluent speaker of population of 45,000 Nyoongar people.’ YouTube video with background information as voice-over in Nyoongar languages (and a little Gurrumul song in Yolngu thrown in too).
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Source: Cath Trimboli
TV-based (on NITV) language learning resources for young children learning Noongar. Click on links to find out about episodes. Search the web for samples on YouTube etc and DVDs for sale.
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Source: Clint Bracknell
Four original story books in Noongar. You can listen to the audio of the stories here. see also a video version on the main page.
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Source: Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company
In a world first, Aboriginal actors performed Shakespeare in the Noongar language. Yirra Yaakin was invited by the Globe Theatre to translate Shakespeare's sonnets into Noongar and present them on the Globe stage as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad Festival.
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