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Luritja/Pintupi [piu]
Source: Dan Harrison, Ted Egan, children from Killara School (Sydney) and Ntaria School (Hermannsburg)
The Australian National Anthem translated into Luritja by Alison Nararula Anderson and Ted Egan, and sung by children from Sydney’s Killara School and Ntaria School in Hermannsburg. See also the SMH article for more audio of learning the song and background story, and the article at Alice Online.
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Source: Film Australia
A historical film by Film Australia, made in 1975, about the establishment of bilingual programs in NT schools. It shows a bilingual education program in Millingimbi, NT, with commentary by Beulah Lowe. Another segment shows Warlpiri literacy learning in Yuendemu, and Pintupi in Yayayi near Papunya.
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Source: PAW media
IndigiTUBE channel for accessing PAW content. Easy access to over 80 songs from the PAW communities and in the PAW languages
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Source: United Nations High Commission for Human Rights/ANU/L. Macdonald/S.J Dixon/S. Holcombe/K. Hansen
A translation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into Pintupi/Luritja, its first translation into an Australian language. See the news articles from ANU and the ABC. The translation is also available at from ANU. (See also http://www.ohchr.org/EN/UDHR/Pages/Language.aspx?LangID=piu
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