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Yan-nhangu [jay]
Source: Claire Bowern and the Yan-nhaŋu team
A guide for learning Yan-nhaŋu, originally written for a 2010 class on Aboriginal languages at Yale University. Downloadable, with a ‘name your own price’ policy (including free).
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Source: Claire Bowern / ELAR
Archive deposit: over 140 audio and video recordings of speakers of Yan-nhaŋu, made at Milingimbi, Arnhem Land, during fieldwork in 2007. Includes some translations into English and Djambarrpuyngu. Genres include conversation, translation, elicitation and narration. Like all ELAR deposits, this material is accessible according to access protocols, and access may require negotiation with the depositor. See also >a href="http://elar.soas.ac.uk/deposit/0046">additional deposit for Yan-nhangu.
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